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    Traditional Undergraduate Admissions:
    • General admissions questions: email or contact Admissions directly.
    • Online application issues or questions:  call 919-658-7794
    Adult Undergraduate & Graduate Admissions:
    • General admissions questions: email or contact your Admissions Representative directly.
    • Online application issues or questions:  call 919-658-7795
    Admissions information can be found here.

    Completing the application online is the preferred method, but if you are unable to do so a writeable pdf application is available on the Admissions Documents page as well.
    Right of Refusal: The University of Mount Olive reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant or re-admission to any student or to dismiss any student whose conduct is judged detrimental to the University program or community. Applicants wishing to appeal Right of Refusal admission or re-admission decisions may appeal in writing to the Admissions Review Committee. Included in the written appeal should be documentation to support the reasons for the appeal. Students wishing to appeal dismissal decisions may make appeal in writing to the Vice President for Student Affairs as described in the University of Mount Olive Student Handbook Student Code of Conduct.